Prepare a project in Sonar Producer

Hello again!

My name is David Sabalete from Barcelona and I will explain what is the checklist to follow in order to get your DAW ready to work. This is part of an assesment in the course IMPMOOC by Coursera.

First of all, we need to name the file of the project appropriately. Usually within a folder in your computer where are stored all of the projects. This is good in order to have all well organized.

Secondly, we need to adjust the Digital Audio Preferences. Although that may be done in the driver interface, I will do in my DAW, Sonar.
The recommended preferences are: a sample rate of 48000Hz and a bit depth of 24 bit for recording.

These parameters are accesible under Options menu / "Audio..." and then in the Audio Options Window.

Due to limitations in the driver of my laptop, Sonar force me to set a sample rate of 44100Hz and a bit depth of 16 bits.

Next, we need to set the recording file type. The recommended type is broadcast wave, or an uncompressed file format like AIF or WAV. WAV is the default audio file type in Sonar.

Then, we may to set our hardware settings. Your DAW must be properly configured in order to work with your audio interface.

And finally, you may set your Buffer size. It is recommended to start with 128 samples per buffer. You can bring it up later if necessary.

In Sonar, this property is under Advanced Tab of the Options Window.

And that's all folks!


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