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Fotos de la vaga (catalan)

              Un èxit! A veure que diuen a la tele...

Santiago Carbó: el que encara ha de venir

Skyrim Theme (MeloDeath cover)

Algú ha fet una versió metalera de la banda sonora del Skyrim (joc de videoconsola). Skyrim Theme (MeloDeath cover)

Adding color to the cygwin console

Those who like to have a linux-flavored console inside their windows, may have found that the default colors just don’t like them. To be able to see color just add alias l='ls -F --color=tty' in the "bash" configuration file: .bashrc (in the user's home directory). If you also miss the "clear" linux command or the windows "cls", you can do the same by adding another one to the previous file: alias cls='echo -e "\033c"' alias clear='echo -e "\033c"'   Although the same is achieved with the "shorcut" Ctrl + L