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Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux, by Peter Membrey and David Hows

This is a technical book written in English about "Raspberry Pi" and the Linux operating system. The Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer (actually an electronic circuit) with minimal built-in capabilities. There are two versions, and the most expensive and complete does not cost more than 35 €. The technical specifications are as follows: CPU ARM1176JZF at 700MHz Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU 512Mb RAM 3.5W power supply Ethernet 2 USB ports 1 HDMI port 1 RCA connector 1 Audio output Storage capacity for SD or SDHC card The book ranges from a basic introduction, installation and configuration of the system, to more advanced aspects such as administration, compilation of packages to make the most of the resources of the Raspberry. The language is very plain and easy to understand. It gives step-by-step instructions on what to do and comments on the most common mistakes a user may encounter and how they can be fixed. Thanks to this book I have been able to successfully install and confi

Més clar, aigua. Sobre la TIL (catalan - spanish)

Es pot dir més fort, però no més clar. El que vé a continuació és un "copy & paste" d'una carta oberta de Juanjo Pérez, Mestre, llicenciat en filosofía i professor de secundaria.  "Carta Juanjo Pérez Mañana, 4 de octubre, hará veinte años que empecé a trabajar como maestro de inglés en escuelas primarias de nuestro sistema de educación pública, sistema en el que sigo trabajando con orgullo a día de hoy como profesor de filosofía en un centro de educación secundaria. Creo que puedo hablar con cierta propiedad de educación y desde luego con mucho más conocimiento de causa que si me pusiera a hablar, es un decir, de compraventa de pisos o de la caza del ciervo. Amo y valoro mi profesión tanto como la dignidad que ésta me confiere y que ustedes pretenden arrebatarle. Por eso, y por lo que estamos viviendo estos días, escribo una serie de reflexiones para que lleguen hasta donde el sentido común quiera llevarlas. Y lo hago en castellano, clarito y sin rode

The cathedral and the bazaar, by Eric S.Raymond

This is an essay that talks about the open source software model. Compare how to make proprietary software in large projects (cathedral) and how to make software in community projects (bazaar). It also explains the author's experiences in leading an open source project (bazaar type). This project despite seeking to address a personal need of the author, was developed into a powerful tool used by many users. Copying the management techniques that Linus Torvals used to make "Linux," Eric S. Raymond wanted to see how effective the open source project management model was. The essay is translated into Spanish from English, but it has been difficult for me to read not only because of the technical part of the systems but because the translation of the text has been automatic and some accented vowels and exclamation marks have become letters. incorrect. Despite being almost 25 years old, the text is a must-read for free software technicians and enthusiasts.

Born to run, by Christopher McDougall

Adventure story that talks about a tribe of super-athletes, the Tarahumara, the sport of running and the experiences of a reporter in distant lands in the middle of the Mexican jungle. It is recommended if you like running or doing sports in general. If, on the other hand, you don't like it or you can't for any other reason, you may be a little the same ...