Energy focus and work optimization


Last Tuesday I was in a "meeting" on ideas and strategies related to energy focus and optimization. It was organized by the company "Lidr" and different topics were discussed to answer the questions:

- Do you struggle with effectively managing your attention, your energy and your time?

- Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, and don't have the resources to increase your concentration?

- What if you could actually train your focus?

It was a collaborative event with several talks followed with those mini collaborative workshops. 

They talked about how to prioritize tasks and plan effectively, delved into what distractions are, their different types and how to avoid them, and finally they also talked about everything from time to energy management to how to learn the art of living.

It was a very enriching activity. And the speakers shared some resources to start implementing some solutions that make our professional lives more productive.

I leave some links in the resources section



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