Categories of Effects

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I am David Sabalete from Barcelona in Spain. This lesson is for week 3 of Introduction To Music Production at I will be writing about the "Categories of Effects". I apologize for my level of English, which is not my mother tongue.

When working with sound in a mixing board, we can employ different audio effects to change the signal flow in different ways. When working in a DAW, these type of modifications are called digital signal processing or DSP. These audio effects can be organized into three different categories.

These are the three categories, which are related to three of the principles of sound:
  • Dynamic Effect. It is related to amplitude. It controls volume based on the material over time.
    Compressors, Limiters, Expanders or Gates are exemples of type of effect.
  • Delay Effect. It is related to the propagation principle of sound. It adds little delays to the signal which give us sense of space. Reverbs, Delays, Phasers, Flangers and Choruses are delay effects.
  • Filter Effect. Related to the timbre of sound. High pass, Low pass, Band pass, EQs like parametric filters or graphic equalizers are filters of this type.
This is a brief introduction but it gives us a picture of the "family effects". 


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