Zurrukutuna Soup recipe

The following post has nothing to do with technology, but it is something that I want to remember in the future.

This last saturday I visited my mother and she offer me a very good soup she learnt from the cook "Arguiñano" on TV. She is a big fan of the Arguiñano cook, so everything this man does has relevance to her.

The thing is that I was so delighted that she wanted me to keep the recipe.

The content of the picture has been OCR'ed and edit after it.

Sopa Zurrukutuna  ("sorber o chupar" en vasco)

Pelar y sofreir unos ajos enteros. Poner 1 cucharada de aceite por comensal.

Añadir pan "sopaco" o tostado.

Remojar los pimientos (3) choriceros en agua hirviendo 5 minutos.

Pan cortado en lonchitas finas o desmenuzado, se añade un trozo de guindilla y una cucharada de pimentón dulce o picante al gusto.

Añadir el caldo, que se puede hacer con cebolla, zanahoria y puerro o un cubito de caldo de verdures.

Hervir 20 minutos aproximadamente con un poco de sal.

Añadir la carne de los pimientos o de ñoras. 

Romper el pan con las varillas.

Al final poner 2 huevos enteros y romperlos con las varillas y el bacalao cortado a cuadraditos.

Yo he puesto bacalao al punto de sal de Mercadona.

The english translation is the following:

Zurrukutuna soup ("sip or suck" in Euskera)

Peel and fry some whole garlic. Put 1 tablespoon of oil per person.

Add "soup" or toasted bread.

Soak the "choriceros" peppers (3) in boiling water for 5 minutes.

Pau cut into thin slices or crumbled, add a piece of chilli and a tablespoon of sweet or spicy paprika to taste.

Add the broth, which can be made with onion, carrot and leek or a cube of vegetable broth.

Boil for approximately 20 minutes with a little salt.

Add the meat of the peppers or Ñoras.

Break the bread with the rods.

At the end put 2 whole eggs and break them with the rods and the cod cut into squares.

I have put salt cod from Mercadona. 

I have to mention that I don't intend to advertise any supermarket, but that's what my mother said. 


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