JavaScriptmas solutions

In December 2020 I'm participating in a programming challenge called 24 days of #JavaScriptmas, that's a month long event organized by Scrimba , the web in which you can learn to code with interactive tutorials. 

The main idea is to program an easy algorithm that solves the problem posed. 

It's like and Advent Calendar but instead of chocolates you solve problems using JavaScript. 

I find it a pretty fun idea to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this language, don't you think? šŸ˜

These are the solutions of that event:

Dec 1st Challenge: Candies

Dec 2nd Challenge: Deposit Profit

Dec 3rd Challenge: Chunky Monkey

Dec 4th Challenge: Century from year

Dec 5th Challenge: Reverse a String

Dec 6th Challenge: Sort by Length

Dec 7th Challenge: Count Vowel Consonant

Dec 8th Challenge: The Rolling Dice

Dec 9th Challenge: Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers

Dec 10th Challenge: Adjecent Element Product

Dec 11th Challenge: Avoid obstacles

Dec 12th Challenge: Valid Time

Dec 13th Challenge: Extract each Kth

Dec 14th Challenge: Maximal Adjecent Difference

Dec 15th Challenge: Carousel

Dec 16th Challenge: Insert dashes in between chars

Dec 17th Challenge: Different Symbols Naive

Dec 18th Challenge: Array Previous Less

Dec 19th Challenge: Alphabet Subsequence

Dec 20th Challenge: Domain Type

Dec 21st Challenge: Sum of Two

Dec 22nd Challenge: Extract Matrix Column

Dec 23st Challenge: Social Media Input

Dec 24th Challenge: Test Your Agility


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