Happy 2008!

It's over with 2007. Maybe it's a good time to make an assessment of the proposed goals for the coming year.
  • Swim 200 km (not 250 km as I thought). Done.
  • Study German. Until lesson 23 of the first part.
  • Motorcycle license. Only the theoretical.
On the first goal I can be happy even if the distance had to be reduced in the middle of the year. 
The therapy works and I see it as something I can't stop doing.
The second has been harmed by the new hobbies acquired this year (guitar and psp).
The subject of the motorcycle license has lost interest and I even consider abandoning the task. I'll give myself a couple of months to think better about it.

I am carrying out several projects and I have little time left for others:
  • Study and practice Guitar.
  • Ajax course. According to the course program, I have a topic until April.
So, there are no more plans for next year except to continue swimming and to manage better the little time that family leaves me.


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