The cathedral and the bazaar, by Eric S.Raymond

This is an essay that talks about the open source software model. Compare how to make proprietary software in large projects (cathedral) and how to make software in community projects (bazaar). It also explains the author's experiences in leading an open source project (bazaar type).

This project despite seeking to address a personal need of the author, was developed into a powerful tool used by many users. Copying the management techniques that Linus Torvals used to make "Linux," Eric S. Raymond wanted to see how effective the open source project management model was.

The essay is translated into Spanish from English, but it has been difficult for me to read not only because of the technical part of the systems but because the translation of the text has been automatic and some accented vowels and exclamation marks have become letters. incorrect.

Despite being almost 25 years old, the text is a must-read for free software technicians and enthusiasts.


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